NILOFAR, The Politician


       In the fall of 2018, Dr. Nilofar Ibrahimi, re-won her seat in Parliament for her home province Badakhshan, situated in the northernmost part of Afghanistan. There are only two seats for women in Badakhshan. She waged a dangerous and stressful campaign during the summer last year, but she is very happy to have re-won her seat.  She said her win was due to the tremendous efforts made by women and young girls on voting day. "Despite the threats and dangers they faced, it was the young girls that voted and brought out other women in the local districts and villages to help me win," she said. She is determined to help them find scholarships for higher education.



Her five children are all doing well in Canberra, Australia where they live with their father, Asif. Nilofar stays with her family during the 2-3 months when Parliament is not in session and tries to be there when the children are on their school breaks. It is still very difficult for them when she leaves to go back to Kabul. She remains still in the same place she was when we left her at the end of the film, but I think she is still driven to be there for her people despite the costs to her family.





Dr. Nilofar Ibrahimi visiting consituents in Tagab Province, Badakhshan, 2017

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