Shakila, The Journalist


Shakila lives two hours from Frankfurt, Germany in a small village with her children.  She's been given asylum for a year and her case will be re-evaluated again in 2019. Her asylum case is still in process so it's still unclear whether or not she will receive permanent residency in Germany. But she is now working for the German News Agency, Deutsche Wella and loves being a journalist again. She works for their Dari news service, reporting and producing radio stories and writing for their online news site. She is pretty fluent in German which absolutely amazes me. She travels throughout Europe speaking on behalf of Afghan women and Afghan journalists at conferences and women's rights events. 


Her children are thriving in Germany with her daughter taking up photography and attending a festival screening of the film with her mother in Germany.  Shakila continues to miss her family in Afghanistan, but she is becoming more accustomed to life in Germany and happy seeing her children prosper. I think she's going to be a groundbreaker and the best no matter where she lives.

Shakila and Sedika in Darmstadt, Germany on the last day of filming. May 2017

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